The very positive received a few card games came to Steam

Di Bolber Digital launched a new Inscryption in 20 days and its distribution of Log Lick Lick Link Linkydeck Building.

Inscriptions are a new development developed by Danial Mullences, who made Pony Island , which was assessed by the Indie Game masterpiece. As of the 20th, the steam user rating is very positive , and the number of reviews is 285.

The game deals with the main character s journey in the trap of the Gentiles that only does not know the name of Leshy in a deep forest. I avoid a threatening trap and dig her hidden secrets.

The play is constructed with a black ink green card set and confronts the opponent, and proceeds in a manner that releases multiple puzzles. In the process, you can see several expressions that go from 8-bit to real-time shots, and you will emerge the Omazu on the classic masterpiece, including the secret series of monkey islands.

Particularly, the card game part is reflected in a unique factor as a subject of sacrifice , and it is possible to taste the feeling of sitting and playing card games.

Inscriptions are launched on steam and supports subtitle Korean. The presence is 22,000 won, and 10% discounted to 10% discount until November 2.

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For more information, see the Innisk Steam Official page.

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