Wow The slotting nights in TBC Classic

How in WoW: Shadowlands was fired yesterday, on October 18th, also in Wow: Burning Crusade Classic the starting signal for the slotting nights was fired. Until the 1st of November you can enjoy sweets or sour, paying a visit to the headless rider, get you a nice buff or the 18-place pumpkin lantern farms. But in turn!

Sweet or acidic in TBC Classic

Surely you have already discovered him, the celebration jewel in the settlements, which ensures Schlotternhätte-Flair. Especially much decoration is available at the different innkeepers, because there is their bucket with sweets from which you can serve you.

Also speak once an hour with one of the innkeepers to the option Sweet or Soures! Select. Then the following can happen:

ROBLOX escape from a giant felipe head.
You have luck and gets a slotted bag , which can contain sweets, masks and transgress rods.
You have unlucky and will be transformed. In addition, you will receive an item with which you can transform yourself in the future itself.

Last but not least, you will find apple bodies at the innkeepers from which you can draw your 5-stack of poor apple. They provide you with more stamina and willpower for 15 minutes.
WoW TBC Classic: The slotting nights are started! Trick or treat? Source: Burning Crusade

The headless rider in TBC Classic

The once honorable knight of the silver hand, Thomas Thomson, acts as a headless rider in the scarlet monastery his misrepresentation. In the cemetery of the monastery you can find his grave and can visit him here during the slotting nights and once a day (per character) summon (the character must be at least level 65 for this).

Go to the instance and take the quest at the pumpkin head in the cemetery calls the headless tab . You can take this quest as written above once a day to summon the tab.
WoW TBC Classic: The slotting nights are started! At this pumpkin she can summon the headless rider. (2) Source: Burning Crusade
The fight against the rider runs as follows: First you can attack the rider directly until he loses his head. Then the tab is immune to damage and he heals until he has full health again or her head of his head to 60 percent skin. Pay attention to the rider s vertebral windatting, so that you do not unnecessarily harm, and attacks the skull. As soon as the headless rider has a head again, he throws with fire balls around him.

After you have worked enough damage, the rider loses his skull again and will be immune to damage (and heals again). As before, it attacks the head until he returns to the tab (you have to beat 30 percent lifestyles in this time). This time, the rider calls paces at regular intervals that could annoy the healer. Expressed the pumpkins with area damage and then give the tab of Saures until he loses his head again. Now do the skull, then the rider tilts out of the saddle.

The A and O is therefore to cause maximum damage to the head, so that the rider can heal little at this stage. So then uses all your DPS cooldowns.

The Loot from the headless rider

From the headless rider you can take the following bags:

Ring of the shivering bliss
Sealing ring of the headless rider
Spooky Band
Helmet of the headless rider
The rider s blade
Magic broom
Fast puzzle
Increased pumpkin lantern

WoW TBC Classic: The slotting nights are started, the cities adorned! Source: Burning Crusade

Other quests around the slotting nights

During the slotting nights in TBC Classic, it s not just a daily repeatable quest for the headless rider. You can also conclude the following event orders:

Schlönternähte-Quest: Burning huts

The Orphanary Matrons ( Masked Orphan Metrone (Horde) / Costumed Orphan Metrone (Alliance)) require your help! She finds her in the villages in front of the metropolises. If you have arrived in one of these villages, you will learn from the headless rider, who drives in the area, and regularly tries to set the place on fire. Of course, as Hero Azeroths, you can not allow that and will be promoted in an instant to the volunteer member of the local fire guard. But before the emergency occurs, you have to test your can be tested as a new temporary firefighter at burning straw dolls ( Fire exercise (Horde) / Exercise at the fire guard (Alliance)).
WoW TBC Classic: The slotting nights are started! Pumpkins are also available, in big and small! Source: Burning Crusade
If you deleted five burners, take your next order from the orphan matrices: protects the village from the attacks of the headless rider ( Lasset the fire come ). Fill your bucket regularly on the big water barrels during the attack to stifle the flames in a germ. But are too little helping hands on site, the whole settlement is soon in flames. Does nothing power, you can repeat the quest if more fraction members want to help delete.

By the way, by the matrons, you also receive a quest that leads you to the cemetery in the scarlet monastery, where you can then fight the headless rider. For the courtyard conversion quest you have to have not accepted this prerequis of .

Schlotternheight quest: Sweets for the children

The orphans Jesper and Spooks are ill and therefore can not go on annual sweets hunting. That s why you should get the Naschrips for you. Allianz players take the quest skates for Jesper! and travel to the inns in Stormwind, Eisenschmiede and Darnassus, and convince the hosts via emote from your celebration zeal. You will receive a sweet who brings her to Jesper again.

As a player of the Horde travels for the quest Schlouncernight candies for spooks! to the inns in Orgrimmar, Unterstadt and Thunderfels, and talk to Kali Remik in the valley of the ghosts in Ogrimmar. You also receive delicacies for spanks.
WoW TBC Classic: The slotting nights are started! This Weidenmann is burned once a day. Source: Burning Crusade

Schlönternähte-Quests at Weidenmann

In Tirisfal (Horde, coordinates 55.6 / 69.8) and Süderstade (Allianz, coordinates 50.0 / 57.2) you will not only find a great Weidenmann burned every day at 20:00, but also in each case A quest. From this you will receive:

Horde: The pack of Süderstade versus Alliance: The power of the pin
Horde: Lazy eggs versus Alliance: Spitzled the Feast of Weidenmann

Useful buffs for RAIDS and Co.

Incidentally, in the course of the festivities, you can earn the one or the other useful buff, which remains active in the RAID instances of the shear world (so not like World Buffs is cleaned at instance entry).

There would be, for example, the buff victory! , which increases your mobility, intelligence and strength. You will receive this when players in the villages near the capitals delete the fire from the headless rider. You have to be in the respective places.

Furthermore, you can get buffs through the following sweets:

Light green mint
Soft devilante

Buff No. 3 In the bundle, there is the burning of the Weidenmann every evening: Availability of the Weidermann provides you with more experience and reputation for two hours.

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