Remnant from the ashes hotfix 250802 Update Notes

A substantial hotfix has been published for Remnant: from the ashes on all platforms, so get ready for download before you start in your next survival series. It s a bad news for people who have stacked various theft of life, because the introduction of Siphoner has made things a little too powerful.

The Stone of Balance jewel also turned out a little too strong after a recent buff, so it loses 3% of its effectiveness to try to balance it a little. Corrosion has also become a little nerve, because of the ease with which people applied complete batteries.

Dozens of additional changes are included in the hotfix, and you can find them all listed below.


Flight of life (Ember Lean, Nightmare Spiral, Riven, Tentacle Shot, etc …)

The theft of life is no longer affected by the yard

Developer s comment: With the inclusion of the Siphoner trait, we found that some Life Steal objects won too much benefits. We removed the interaction, but we have also increased the basic lifestyard on some elements to balance them.

FLOP damage and naked hands

Redesign of the calculation of flop damage

Developer s comment: The flop is no longer affected by the unarmed melee damage to a reshuffle of the calculation of flop damage. With the previous system, it was difficult to produce unarmed melee damage equipment that at the same time generated a fun flop construction and a balanced bare construction. In response to this change, the five-fingered ring and the unclean ring were rebalanced. The five-finger ring has been moved to open a space for the unclean ring.

Corrosion effect

Reduction of total corrosion cumulation from 6 to 5 (total weakening of 25%)

Developer comment: After modifying the correctness of correctness, we found that it had become a little too easy to apply. We left the application virtually the same (RIP Hive Cannon Primary) but reduced the total number of batteries from 6 to 5.

Realization: good deal

Implementation of a fix so that Hard Bargain is triggered correctly

Developer s comment: Some threads crossed. We have declosed them!

Survival mode

Preventing the burdenings from appearing on corpses (always buyable at the seller)

Developer comment: Since the objects are automatically equipped, players are often penalized without realizing it. The rings are always available via the sellers (when they arise. We probably should have done it for Warlord s Armor too, but we did not do it … so be careful!


Fixed a crash during the interaction with a stone of the world while it was equipped with an immortal mod and a labyrinth armor.

Performance update at all levels.

Dozens of bug fixes.


Reduced distance / mixed damage bonus of 15% / 15% to 12% / 12%

Reviews of Developers: Stone of Balance was launched at 10% and we finally improved it to 15%. It has become a little strong for the way it was easy to wear (no real compromise). We believe that a slight 3% adjustment was more than equitable to keep it online with other options that have a requirement.

Vulcan detonator

Increased scalar burn damage by 10% per level 20% by weapon level that applies it

Correction of damage scaling to work during the invocation

Developer s comment: a little too weak. Now it s a little better. There!

Impure ring

Changed in + 100% additional bare damage (200% total) and + 300% flop damage (400% in total)

Developer s comment: Adjustments made according to our new FLOP / UNARMED calculation!

Five fingers ring

Changed to 25% Unfailed melee, 25% unarmed critical damage, 20% chance of criticism

Developer s comment: Adjustments made according to our new FLOP / UNARMED calculation!

Restriction cord

Fixed a user interface problem that drives the erroneous information relay to the user interface

Developer s comment: Basically, the user interface would appear to break for health regeneration elements when the restriction cord was worn. We repaired it.

Polished sharpener

Critical damage bonus reduced from 50% to 35%

Developer comment: Is anyone surprised? This thing was insane. Now it s just quite crazy!

Black cat strip

Increase in the invulnerability window of 0.5 s to 1.5 s

Developer s comment: Adding a second additional protection. Now you can actually survive consecutive blows once it triggers … but you d better put yourself safe once it goes off!

Chaoventees ring

Adding a new bonus of + 10% remote damage and mod when the player recovers scrap, iron or ammunition

Developer s comment: A nice touch to synergy with the Scavenger set. However, you can also wear it without the armor. It s yours. We do not control yourself! Live your life!!!

Boucher Fetish

Increased chances of criticism from 10% to 15%

Increased critical damage from 20% to 25%.

Developer s comment: a little stronger to make it a more attractive amulet option.

Devouring loop

Reduced trigger chances of 6% to 5%

Comment Cheeky: Who knew that the 1% was so powerful?!

Seal of the evocative

Increased refund of the mod power of 10% to 15%

Developer s comment: We have increased slightly to make it more attractive. Although it is not a massive change, it is certainly noticeable. Try!

Player burden
The burden can not be avoided via exploit and Hangman s Memento

Developer s comment: Just a bug fix.

Follower burden
Increased fireload of 25% to 35%

Developer s comment: For the power of the main effect of the follower s burden, we felt that the burden was not strong enough, so we increased it. We always think that this ring is extremely powerful.



Blood Pact Bonus: Increased duration bonus of 15/30 / 60% to 30/60 / 100%

Reviews of Developers: With the recent modifications made to armor, we felt that Cultist was missing because it did not increase the damage and the maximum duration of 60% was simply not enough to motivate the players at the carry. 100%, this offers a very tangible advantage, and even 1pc and 2pc bonuses are more enjoyable!


Opportunistic Overall Bonus: The Buff (Perfect Dodge) is no longer removed when you experience damage

Developer s comment: You have won the buff. You should keep it.

Military Chef

Deathwish Overall Bonus: Deathwish can not kill the player (Leave the 1 HP player)

Deathwish Set Bonus: Reduction of 3-PC Damage Buff by 40% to 35%

Reviews of Developers: Although it s more specifically about a Deathwish , it s a bit more just for players who often find themselves in scenarios where they have no more enemies to treat. With death out of the table, we slightly reduced the damage bonus to compensate.


Resext of regrowth: the removal of the battery on the damage has been reduced from 5 to 1

Developer s comment: Delete 5 batteries at a time was a bit too penalizing. This should make armor a little more viable and much more indulgent.


Recovery set bonus:
Reduced the removal of the battery on damage from 5 to 1

Reworked buff timer to delete only 1 battery when the timer expires instead of all batteries

Developer s comment: As Twisted, we have considerably reduced the penalty to be touched. We have also changed it so that the batteries wear one at once instead of all at the same time. This should make scavenger much more viable and much more attractive. In addition, it looks so sweet!


Overview Bonus: Adjusted Buff Behavior When removing armor parts

Developer s comment: No feature adjustment … We have simply corrected a bug behind the scenes.


Cold launcher

Fixed a problem that had that Cold Spear did not display correctly when switching between the weapons

Developer s comment: correction of a bug!



Updated text to better reflect functionality (no real functionality change)

Developer s comment: The previous text referred to this weapon as having a high decline. We removed this text and added a text reflecting the quieter behavior (compared to other weapons).

Hive Cannon | TIR OF THE RUCH

The main shot no longer applies 1x corrosion stack

Tiring the hive: the projectile (impact) does not apply 1x corrosion stack

Hive Shot: AOE now applies corrosion at a faster pace

Developer comment: After the 2923 patch, the Hive Cannon became ubiquitous in almost all versions at the highest level. We wanted to promote a little more variety, so we kept its theme but reduces the ease with which it could instantly apply 6 batteries (now 5). This should bring it closer to other weapons.

Curse of the god of the jungle | Tentacle shot

Tentacle shot: increased basic regeneration by 1.25 to 4.5 to compensate for the loss of sorting.

Reviews of Developers: Since the tentacles do not change location, we thought it would be more appropriate to reward more health for the control of an area. The increase was partly due to the triage patch and in part to improve it overall.


FLAMES LANCE: Fixed a bug that made the flame puddles inflicted incorrect damage (considerably weak)

Developer s comment: The flames of flames inflicted 5 basic damage. They now inflict much more damage (as planned). Try!

the rapidly dwindling sanity of valve programmers as expressed through code comments

Fusion rifle

Fusion barrel: the pre-shooting time has been reduced by 0.6 s to 0.35 s

Fusion gun: Fixed a problem causing the shot of the beam in incorrect directions

Developer s comment: Previously, the tip of the mouth was aimed at the reticle. Short distance, the shot was aimed more at the right and upwards, so if you had several enemies aligned, it would only touch the enemy at the front (not the enemies behind because the front enemy pulled the trajectory towards the right in an extreme way). It now springs from the direction of sight of the weapon, which makes it work at all distances … you know, how we wanted!



The line level 0 does not prevent you from accumulating weakening

Developer s comment: I just correct an oversight.


Wasteland Goodboy

Informed Wasteland (Very) Goodboy of the amount of Community love he has sparked

Reviewed Developer: I mean, it s always the best boi.

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