Reinforcement in midfield Chemistry Leipzig commits mast

Arminia Bielefeld - Borussia Mönchengladbach Saison 97/98 (11. Spieltag)
Chemnitz (pronunciación en alemán: /ˈkɛmnɪt͡s/ ( escuchar)) es una ciudad del estado federado alemán de Sajonia a orillas del río Chemnitz (de ahí su nombre), a 69 km al sudeste de Leipzig. Con más de 247 000 habitantes (2019), es la tercera ciudad más grande del estado después de Leipzig y Dresde. Entre 1953 y 1990, durante la vigencia de la República Democrática Alemana, la ciudad recibió el nombre de Karl-Marx-Stadt (Ciudad de Karl Marx).

The 29-year-old newcomer has completed 22 games in the 2nd league for Bielefeld and Karlsruhe, a floor he came to 179 lots (Bielefeld, Chemnitz, Halle, Würzburg). Dennis can be used flexibly in the central midfield, but also on the outer car. He comes with a lot of experience, which he should contribute with in the future. I am very happy that Dennis has decided for us, says the sporting director The Leipzig, Andy Müller Papras.

Mast himself also commented on the club website also to his contract signature: Chemistry gave me the opportunity to come back to my legs in the summer. For this I am very grateful for that and I felt directly well within the troop. Short-term Seen it is important to me to come back to my rhythm. In the long run, I would like to develop with the team together constantly and see where the journey will go over the next few years. For me, everything is possible with this club.

Lastly, Mast had kicked for the Hallescher FC, since this summer he was universe. Mast signed a contract until 2024.

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