The fans have translated the last game of Suikoden

GENESO Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen No Toki is the last game of Suikoden series, which reached the PSP in 2012. After almost a decade only available in Japan, this delivery is already within reach of thousands of Fans, since An unofficial translation finally gives us the opportunity to experience this title.

This event is a reality thanks to a collaboration between Twisted Phoenix Game Translation, German translator, the unofficial wiki of Suikoden Genapedia and a group of fans, known as the Suikoden Revival Movement. In this way, The whole Konami series is now available in English, either officially or not.

EUIKODEN: Woven Web of the Centuries , as you are known to this English game, has a script that has around 25 thousand lines of dialogue, with a total of 220 thousand words. That includes translations of graphics and original Japanese legends for animated scenes. This is an achievement that is not seen every day, and it also means that the arduous work that represented translating all the games of this series has come to an end.

Although Konami seems that he does not intend to revive this series, fans can expect Eiyuden Chronicle, a game developed by the Suikoden creator , which is considered the spiritual sequel of the saga.

Editor s note:

Suikoden, along with series such as Breath of Fire, were a fundamental part of the great catalog of RPGS available during the era of SNES and PS1. Although this series it seems that they will never return, it is nice to see that projects as Suikoden Revival Movement have done everything possible to make these titles more accessible

Via: Kotaku.

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