Schiele The team will return something

It was Löwen-Coach Schiele to note how much he was looking forward to the viewers allowed in larger numbers. At the press conference before the home game against Borussia Dortmund II, it was also about the opponent from the Ruhr area, but mainly the soon filled ranks in the Eintracht Stadium. Attached to the coaches up to 20,000 approved fans, the coach began directly to grin: Of course that will push us, if five-digit fans are there again, I hope for 10,000 to 12,000. Gladly more, more! For two years has not been busy in the stadium, the team look forward to the spectators and will give something back .

Dortmund strong, but crack

Opponents Dortmund estimated Schiele as a top club , no wonder, the second team of BVB currently occupies the second place with 20 points. They play a very intense football. They have many good single players, but get top about the collective. They are right up there in the table. You can play football. His team must have everything pure, but also knew what it could, We are well prepared and know how we can crack them. We will have forward our possibilities.

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The Eintracht occupies in front of the home game on Saturday at 2 pm the eighth table spot, with a victory one would be pointed with the BVB.

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