Ogame opened a lot of new servers

Yesterday a new server in Shakes & Fidget, today new servers in Ogame – that is another iconic MMO (VIA WWW), on which the entire generation of players grew up.

In total, Gameforge opened 16 new worlds / universes, but only two of them should pay your attention:

Belinda – Polish server number 180

Sombrero – English-speaking server number 171

When it comes to Belinda , it works on accelerated ratings (economics, research, fleet, etc.), so you can easily call him a Speed ​​server. In addition, each user with confirmed email will receive 8,000 antimatter points as a gift. Such a small bonus that will help you have fun.

Economy speed 5x (Production of raw materials, construction of buildings, shipyards)
test speed 10x
Speed ​​of the room fleet 8x
War FLOT 5x
Speed ​​defensive fleets 5x
60% scrap from damaged ships will hit the field of destruction
Burning deuteru 0.8
6 galaxies
+25 fields
Curving of layouts and inactive galaxies

You will play here .

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