Com2us Summer Nourno New RPG Project Large scale special adoption

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee, Lee), Summer Nourners: Summer Nourners: Perforated Arena (Summer Nourners and a new role of performance (RPG) and a large-scale special I announced it 30 days.

The project in this employment is to recruit new and career, which will be introduced into the title, which will be added to the title in a total of two types in a total of two types of summer rpg in the world.

The recruitment sector is ▲ game planning ▲ game art (character cinema, background system, background modeler, TA, directing, cinematic) ▲ game programming (client, server), etc.

The application receives online through the Com2us recruitment homepage until 2 pm on October 28, from September 30th.

Applicants can be supported through a simple document support procedure. Self-introduction letters include complex, haspirable procedures, and can be accepted by only portfolio registration that can show basic humanities, careers, and business capabilities.

Summer Walker - clear visual ep (live)
The company will select the final successful applicant through the document screening, the first (burn) and the second (face) interview process, and the written test will be held on the approval of the compatibility of the papers in the new programmer staff.

Com2us said, The Global Cumulative Cumulative 100 million downloads and achieve the number of games in 90 countries, and is a large new RPG project, which is based on the know-how in the world, including Summers Wow, I am recruiting a large-scale global talent to lead the representative title, he said, It is said, I am interested in supporting a lot of support and interest of volunteers to grow the world with Com2us.

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