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A moral choice is one that stimulates count on, and also hence shows obligation, fairness and also caring to a person. To be moral, one has to demonstrate respect, as well as obligation. Moral decision-making needs a testimonial of various alternatives, eliminating those with an underhanded viewpoint, and afterwards selecting the finest ethical option.

The Handler of Dragons, an Indie-Action RPG, developed by a single developer, will appear 2022 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. The new title is characterized not only by the presence of dragons, but also through a system of moral decisions that influence the action.

The Handler of Dragons is currently available at the Early Access for PC. The developers also plan to publish PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. The Handler of Dragons has been developed by Jerzy Caliński for over three years and released by Golden Eggs Studio.

The new title is a 3D Action RPG game with a third-person perspective. The player slips into the role of a warrior who can communicate with dragons. These creatures are the key to history that plays in a unique fantasy world.

The gameplay is based mainly on exploration, interaction, discovery and design of history as well as on the fight against monsters (like skeletons, orcs, trolls and golems). With the progression of the character, he learns new skills and magical attacks, among other things. The game is also characterized by a system of moral decisions.

In the development of The Handler of Dragons, I set myself to connect a captivating adventure and an entertaining gameplay with a certain depth, so that the players may take a little more out of this game. In this context, the moral decisions that you meet in the game play and your consequences an important role, because you have to deal with the consequences of its decisions, says Jerzy Caliński, the creator of the game.

Jerzy Caliński pointed out that the conclusion of the game takes about 3 hours, but the opportunity to get to know the act according to various decisions can encourage the player to play the game again. The player decides, for example, whether he wants to have a positive or negative attitude to dragons.

The Handler of Dragons – Features:

Moral decisions
A unique fantasy world
Varied monsters, places and player classes
A system for spells and skills

The publication date for PC (Steam Early Access) is scheduled for September 27, 2021. The early access phase will take about three months – during this time, the game will be improved and new features (including co-missions and weapon modifications) is expanded. In 2022 it should also appear for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch.

Here is the official trailer to see The Handler of Dragons:

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